Valentines Day Fingerplays

Here are some simple fingerplays and rhymes you can try at home with your child. The theme of this week for the fingerplays and rhymes is Valentine's Day. This week's fingerplays are from Child Fun.
Five Big Valentines

Five big valentines from the corner drug store

I mailed one to a friend – then there were four

Four big valentines, lovely ones to see

I mailed one to my Mommy – then there were three

Three big valentines – red, shiny, and new

I mailed one to my Daddy – then there were two

Two big valentines, the best is yet to come

I mailed one to Grandma – Then there was one

One big valentine, the giving is almost done

I mailed it to Grandpa – and now there is none
Valentine Fingerplay

Let’s count valentines

One, two, three

Let’s count valentines

All for me!

Let’s count valentines

Four, five, six

Let’s count valentines

Match and mix

Let’s count valentines

Seven, eight, nine

Let’s count valentines

I’m glad you’re mine
I’m A Little Valentine

I’m a little valentine

Red and White

With ribbons and lace

I’m a beautiful sight

I can say, “I Love You”

On Valentine’s Day

Just put me in an envelope

And give me away

My Valentine Heart

When I say I love you

(Point to lips)

It comes from my heart

(Hand on heart)

You hear it in your ear

(Point to ear)

And it sounds very smart

(Point to head)

I love it when you’re proud of me

(Stand very tall)

You say it all day long

(Stretch arms wide)

And when I hear you say it

(Point to ear)

My heart sings a merry song

(Hand on heart)
Be My Valentine

Sung to Mary Had A Little Lamb

You’re a special

Friend of mine

Friend of mine

Friend of mine

You’re a special

Friend of mine

Be my valentine!