Teen Writing Contest

Have you ever wanted to write your own story? Now you can show off your skills! Pick one of the two themes below and write a new 2,000- 5,000 word story. Stories can be any genre. There will be one prize per story theme. This contest is for students entering 8th grade-students who just graduated. All stories must be typed and emailed to Teen Librarian Sarah Granville at sarah.granville@barbertonlibrary.org with “Writing Contest” as the subject. Submissions must include your full name and telephone number. Please submit your story as a PDF. Entries are due by August 1. Handwritten entries are not accepted.

Theme 1 Choose a fairy tale and change the setting to Barberton. Your story can take place in any time period: past, present, or future. Feel free to change anything you want about your characters, such as gender or race. The fairy tale plot just needs to be your jumping off point.

Theme 2 Write a story about your future self. What do you think the world will be like when you’re an adult? Imagine what your career, family, and lifestyle will be like.

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